All of us know that the first thing we must consider in implementing SEO in our site is by having or I must say choosing the best keywords. Maybe three keywords are enough and also we must consider the formation of the keywords in our site. When you type your keywords in your page redundantly  the search engine may think that it is a spam, so be careful when you are using your keywords. And one more thing is by having a good content or original one, your site must have an originality so that the search engine will be easily crawl on your site. Submitting your site to be index in any search engine more often is also bad, once is good but always is bad.

    In terms of link building, submitting your site in any web directory is not bad, but the fact that you are trying to do a black hat SEO thats the time its becoming a bad deed. Your putting your site in danger, and your site might be banned forever. You must be careful in linking to other site, make sure that the site you are trying to link are also related or must have the same content as yours.

    Search Engine Optimization must not be considered a onetime event. It is an ongoing process. A successful Search Engine Optimization strategy begins with proper website design, and builds on that by incorporating a regular, consistent SEO service into your web site's regular maintenance schedule. SEO should ensure your website stays up-to-date with all of the latest search engine trends and algorithms, to build and maintain placement.

Here are some helpful tips in doing your SEO:

When link building, think quality, not quantity

One single, good, authoritative link can do a lot more for you than a dozen poor quality links, which can actually hurt you.

Content must be better

Be sure to have good, well-written and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.

Keyword Research is a MUST

At the start of the project, search for the very effective and related keyword for your site.

Include a site map page

Spiders can't index pages that can't be crawled. A site map will help spiders find all the important pages on your site, and help the spider understand your site's hierarchy.

Make sure your site is easy to use

This can influence your link building ability and popularity and, thus, your ranking.

Be Patient

It doesn't mean that when you follow the steps in SEO, your page will automatically have a good page rank in any Search Engine. It's not an instant you must be patient and wait by the time you will have a good page rank.

Have web analytics in place at the start

You should know your goals for your SEO efforts, and you'll need web analytics software in place so you can track what's working and what's not.

Make SEO-friendly URLs

Use hyphens in URLs and file names, not underscores. Hyphens are treated as a "space," while underscores are not.

Link must be good

Build a network of quality backlinks using your keyword phrase as the link.

Keep your design simple

Avoid using Flash, images and other special effects.This effects sometimes block the search engines seeing your site content.

Commit yourself to SEO

SEO is not a one time process, as long as your website is active you must also be active in your SEO because Search Engine Algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that works last year maybe not work this year. So you must commit yourself in SEO.

Build a great web site

Make it Better. I'm sure you want to show up your site in the first page of the result of any search engine.

Use your keywords as anchor text when linking internally

Anchor text helps tells spiders what the linked-to page is about.

Become a student of SEO

You'll have to become a student of SEO and learn as much as you can. There are plenty of great Web resources on the Internet you can research on yourself and study SEO.

Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO company

You must know what tactics will the company use, ask for a specific question. Asks if there is any risks involved. Then, go online and research the tactics they discussed on your own.

Use alternate image tags

Alternate image tags help the search engines verify the importance of the images on your page.

Fresh content can help improve your rankings

Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. Content freshness adds relevancy to your site in the eyes of the search engines.

Use images and ALT tags

Images makes your pages attractive to visitors. But images are also indexed different search engines. Using relevant keywords in the image alt tags help in SERP.

Include keywords in your stylesheet

Having a stylesheet named seojapan.css can help your ranking more than using a stylesheet named styles.css.

    I didn't say that if you follow the tips above guarantees your site's good page rank. It's about a matter of time, and performance of your site. Be patient, everything goes under the process and don't think that SEO in an instant. Remember Patience is a virtue.

Ways to get Inbound Link

1) Write an email to the webmaster of another website and politely ask him to exchange links with you. By exchanging links, I mean he will link to your website and you will link back to his website. It is best that you exchange links with websites that are related to your website.

2) Submit your websites to directories. Their are hundreds of online directories in the internet and submitting your websites to all of them is a good idea.

3) Participate in online forums related to your website’s topic and reply to other people’s queries. Most forums will allow you to include a signature in your profile. This is where you put a link to your website. Be kind to them and be professional.

4) Write articles that are related to your website’s topic and submit them to article directories. You can also include your website’s URL in the author profile at the end of your article.

5) Write good content. The people who see your website as a good resource the more chances of them linking back to you simply because they wanted your website.

Two kinds of SEO

On-page SEO
This means organizing and developing good contents on the site that would allow the search engine to easily find your page when a surfer is asking for the topic you have in your site.

Requirements of On-Page SEO:
- Make sure to put unique contents in every page of your site.
- Remember not to overstuff keywords in your contents, or else search engines will penalize your site.
- Arrange the meta tags correctly.
- Check that the links inside the site are complete.

Off-page SEO
The easiest way to explain this is Link Building, the more your site’s link ups, the better the SEO ranking. It may sound easy to do, but building your link popularity requires a lot of hard work and patience.