Thing you must know in implementing SEO in your site:

DO number 1

The very important of all is the keyword search. You must find a good keyword in order for your target to find you. The only place you will find the exact keyword phrases you should use are in Wordtracker. The site gives you an analytical tool that provides the exact keyword phrases being used by your prospects, how often they are being used and which are easiest to get high rankings on. It costs a whopping $8 for a single session, but you’ll want to get a year subscription so you can pick up different cycles of keywords.

DO number 2

Make sure you write a short descriptive title tag of what each page of your site is all about, and make sure they are all different. Search engines use the information contained in that title tag, compare them to the text on that page and rank it accordingly. The short description in your title tags will also help your users. The idea here is to keep it as short and descriptive as possible.

DO number 3

Write the main text on your page using the same keyword contained in your title tag. If you are working on a page with a title called "SEO Japan" then be sure that those important keywords are repeated at least two or three times in the main body of your text, without sounding repetitive. A well-designed and carefully written page will "read write" and will not sound like you are repeating yourself.

DO number 4

Make a complete sitemap of your site, which will help both your users and the search engines at the same time. Having a well-designed sitemap will ensure that each page of your site gets properly indexed by Google and the other search engines. It is important to call that file sitemap.html and not site-map.html or other variations. Additionally, make sure that your sitemap.html file is directly accessible from your homepage and that it uses link text.

DO number 5

To increase your link popularity, participate in a link exchange program. You should only link to sites that are in the same field or industry as your site, unless another field can be helpful to your users. Link when it makes sense to link. Also, don't link to bad 'neighbourhoods' or from so-called link farms or 'free-for-all'.

DO number 6

Use only one or two keyword phrases per page

DO number 7

Start to build links into your site with your keywords in the link text

DO number 8

Get familiar with SEO tools such as search engines, HTML and PageRank

DO number 9

Monitor and maintain rankings and competition.

DO number 10

Make your site easy to navigate

DO number 11

Submit your site to the major directories and some smaller directories

DO number 12

Conduct competitive research on other top companies and Websites in your area of specialty, making note of their use of keywords and meta tags.

DO number 13

Add new content as often as possible.