Did you know that there are some things to avoid in SEO?

DON'T number 1

Cloaking is based on the idea of serving a unique, optimized page for the search engines, while serving a completely different page to the 'real' users. Today, most major search engines prohibit the use of such techniques and you risk your site being penalized or banned altogether if your'e caught doing it.

DON'T number 2

Don't deal with so-called SEO experts that promise you Number One or first-page rankings in some engines. Always ask for referrals and don't be afraid to ask exactly what techniques your would-be SEO firm uses to achieve a good positioning for your site.

DON'T number 3

Submit your website once to the search engines and then wait for at least six weeks. Don't use software that automatically submits your sites on a weekly or monthly basis, since it might penalize you in the long run. Today's modern search engines use automated crawlers or spiders to regularly index your site, so you don't need to submit more than once.

DON'T number 4

Don't entrust your site to people that will submit it to thousands of engines. There isn't that many search engines in the first place.

DON'T number 5

Don't develop your site using Flash technology or similar techniques that the search engines cannot read. Text written in the HTML format is proven technology that all search engines have long recognized and approved, since the beginning of the Internet. Using the right technology will always help your site attain a good position in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).

DON'T number 6

Don't wait too long to implement SEO

DON'T number 7

Don't make your web site uncrawlable

DON'T number 8

Don't put the same title element on every page

DON'T number 9

Don't obsess over Google PageRank

DON'T number 10

Ensure that your keywords appear in the page the appropriate amount of times. The optimised keyword density on a page is between 2 and 5 percent.

DON'T number 11

Having links on your site is very good practice for search engine optimisation, however accumulating these links too rapidly can be considered spamming.

DON'T number 12

Never hide things from users that search engines can see.

DON'T number 13

Spam like there is no tomorrow.

DON'T number 14

Avoid linking to sites you think and considered to be spam sites.

DON'T number 15

Avoid submitting your site using automatic submission service.

Guest book spamming

Adding your link to hundreds of guest books will not help you with your PR, since it appears that Google is able to detect them and ignores outgoing links completely.


Cloaking is a search engine optimization method where you serve highly optimized page version to robots and a regular page to your visitors.

Hidden links

Number of incoming links to certain page has direct effect to Google PageRank. However, if those are hidden that may produce similar results as with hidden text.

Avoid Splash Pages

Welcome pages for your website, with a big photo and a link that says “Enter Here” may look nice. Unfortunately, they’re terrible for your search engine rankings. These pages prohibit search engine crawlers from effectively spidering the other pages of your site.

Avoid Frames

Never use frames! Frames are too complex for search engine crawlers to index. Also, most users don’t like them and they make your site look very outdated.

Eliminate Pop-Up Ads

Search engines don’t look favorably on pop-up ads, especially on a site’s homepage. Eliminating pop-up ads will win favor with both the search engines and your visitors.