5 Things how to have great and friendly site.

Easy to navigate site
always remember to put a link on your homepage.

Make it Simple
in building your site the first thing you must consider is it must be user-friendly to all of your visitors.

Clearly indicated menus and links
always remember to name your menus simple and easy to understand.

Well-designed Site map
having a good site map have 2 benefits. First it will help your visitor to find what they looking for in your site. Second is also enables the search engine to easily find the pages in your site.

Clean Design
avoid putting heavy animated graphics, streaming videos or any effects that cost time to load. Many of the visitors visits the site for about a minute or less.

SEO Friendly site

Give valuable and knowledgeable information, create topic headings relevant to your article.
Writing should be simple to understand and easy to follow for the readers.
List out your main important points by highlighting them out in different colors or fonts.
If someone can’t use or access your website it serves no purpose for that visitor.
A general rule is that any page on your site should be reachable with 2 clicks from your home page.

Why do you need SEO?

    Basically first we must need to know what really SEO or Search Engine Optimization means. This is a method in increasing the amount of page views, visitors and have a good page rank. The higher the rank of the website in the result page,  the better the chance that your site will be visited. Most of the people who wants to know some information or want to have an answer to their questions in mind. They usually browse in the question they want to know in a search engine. Of course if you want to be part of the first page of the result in Google or any search engine, you must have good keyword phrase, nice website structure and have great content. We need SEO for our site to be visible to other people and to have a good page rank as well. Also, we can say that SEO is an art too, because a good webmaster will optimize your site from the scratch for your website to be able to seen on any search engine. But it doesn't mean that once you had implemented SEO techniques in your site, automatically it will appear in the first page result of the search engine. It takes time to have an effect in your site. As I always said "Patience is a virtue" and SEO is not an instant stuff.

Things you must check in SEO


Not only should you check how much traffic you have gained, also you must check the quality of these visitors. Do they explore the site? Knowing the quality of the visitors can give you an over-all insight how others see your site.


What you should take note is the way your keywords are performing. You should take note of the keywords that are directing traffic in your site.

Conversion Rate

This is the true test of an SEO campaign’s success. See how many people filled up the form you offer, or signed up for your newsletter, the results from this gives you the most concrete proof that SEO is working for you.

Check the search engines

You need to see how well indexed your site is.

Tips on Hiring an SEO Company

Having a good page rank will automatically increase your company's profit. But be careful in choosing an SEO company that will help your site in achieving your page rank goal. Here are some tips in choosing the best SEO company:

Search the company name

Lack of negative publicity does not mean automatically that the company is great, but some subjective negative opinions mean that the company is a scammer.

Ask for examples of sites they have optimized

Feel free to ask your potential SEO company about sites they have optimized and references from clients.

Check the Page Rank of their own site

There site must have a good page rank at least 4-5. If they don't have good page rank. They are not worth hiring.

High price does not guarantee high quality

There are many reasons for high prices and high quality is only one of them, the company might work inefficiently and this is the reason for their ridiculously high costs, not the quality of their work.


It should be able to effectively optimize websites with pages from 1 to 1000.

Customer Care

The company should have good customer relationship. In case you have any question regarding their service.

Get on a Monthly SEO Campaign

SEO should be an ongoing process done by an SEO company that stays current on SEO trends.

Make sure they don't use black hat techniques

Make sure that they will use legal optimization techniques in your site.

Study the SEO Company site deeply

Before availing the company's service make sure that they have a good site.


The company should ask for all of your contact information and offer all of theirs. You should be able to get regular updates as to your site's progress, at any time that you ask for it.


Make sure they don't use black hat techniques

White hat SEO

A reliable SEO company will always work according to the right rules of search engine optimization.

Difference of Link Bait and Good Content

    Yes, bait and content are different in many aspects, bait is usually done to get more links form others sites while making a good quality content of your site offers good information on your visitors. The other difference is bait gets a lot of links from different sites but that site was not have a good impact or page rank, while having a good quality content have an incoming links that came from more reputable sites or sources.

Examples of Link Bait:

* useful tools to complement your product/services
* amusing videos, related to your topic
* certain types of content, aimed to generate lots of linkage
* controversial blog posts/articles
* flames on some famous bloggers/industry experts

Why good content is made?

* to learn something new and useful on the topic
* to know how to choose and use the product
* to learn how the product is compared to others
* to find other useful resources of information
* to know other industry experts in the industry, etc

Tips on Link Building

Have a varied anchor text
    -Target your keywords but make very sure to vary the anchor a lot. Even a few “click here” is good to get.

Come from related pages
This is probably the most important, especially for english web sites. It is commonly believed that links from related pages carries more weight.

Come from different locations on the linking pages
Don’t have all the backlinks from footers or any other specific place. Have them on the top of the page, inside the body text, navigation, footer etc.

Come from good neighbourhood
    - make sure that the site you are linking have a good page rank and not a bad website as well.

Come from different C-class IPs   
    - make sure that the links are coming from the different web sites.

Submit your site to Web Directories
    - submit to different directories to have many back links.

Reciprocal Links with Similar Websites
    - make sure that you only link to the site that is related to yours.

Understand your target audience
know who are your target visitors and know what would be the content of your sites.

Develop a content plan of your site
Now that you know who are your target visitors, its time for you to plan what should be the content of your site. It must be great and interesting to the readers.

Blog Posting
Starting a blog is a great way to build links to your website.

Importance of Link Building

    Link Building is important, it is also an SEO tool that can optimize your site and make it visible to the web. Also, it increase your traffic significantly, make your site visible to the search engine and most of all it lets you save your money in every paid advertising software. After you know the importance of link building its time for you to try this to your site, but theres some things you must know in building link in your page. First register your site in any web directories that you can find on the internet, then find the related site that you want to link with. After you find the right site that fits to your desire, try to request a link from them, then after that wait for their reply if they want to exchange a link from you. Now that you have their link you  must put the link in the right place of your site and make it organize its for your sites benefit as well. It is your job to check if your partners site was indexed by search engine and also check if your link are on their site too.

    There are  some things you must consider in choosing a linking partner, first you must know is the content or what is the site all about. Does it related to yours? Does this site a good one? Many questions you must answer before you able to choose the right one. If you want the webmaster to exchange a link from you make sure that your site is well design and the content of your page must be helpful as a source to your visitors.