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Advertising your Business in Japan

    All of us know that Japan was the leading country in terms of technology, and we also know that one way to advertise your business or products effectively is by having a website. It is more cheaper than having a commercial on televisions, publishing on the newspapers and others. By just having a website and having a good page rank you can communicate or help your target customers and your profit will be high in a short period of time. But theres some things you should know how your website be effective on the users on the internet. Some of the company in japan have their own website but  still having a big problem in terms of advertising or reaching out to their customer. What should be the problem? The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Many of the companies in japan have their own site but it is invisible to other people. In fact many of the businessman's have that problem. Not just by having a website means that your product will be easily seen by the consumers, there are some things you should know or consider to get on the top of every search engines like Yahoo japan, Google japan and many more. Unlike advertising on the newspapers by the time you stop paying they will automatically stop advertising your company. But when you having a website it is more cheaper and more accessible because over 90 million users in japan or we must say 60% of its total population uses internet. SEO is very important in internet marketing, you must first know who are your target users and the second is pick a good keywords.   

You need website in SEO

    As I said earlier it is very important  to have a website  especially when you have  a business, but the question is "Can you make your own?"  many of us are aware that there are so many softwares nowadays that can help you building your own site in just a couple of hours. But some are too busy to make their own one, so the tendency they will find a site or a person that can make a website for them. We can help you on that, and also we are the one who will SEO for you.

Consult for SEO

    First we need to analyze your problem I must say your web site's problem. We know that you have your own site. But is it visible to others? Is your target traffic satisfies you? If not you need to do something now.